We were a pass for a couple of nights in this hotel. The hotel is quite comfy, excellent location, comfortable rooms. Lived in rooms of different categories, it turned out that the room of the standard class is much more comfortable and larger in area than the standard improved, although it may be so happened only to us. The repair in the rooms is good, everything is new, the availability of bath accessories, a kettle, kits for drinking tea, coffee, cleaning everyday. Air conditioning in every room. Also there is a closed parking for cars. In general, the hotel gave positive emotions.


No name

Convenient location in the center. The leaders of Russia stayed here, and not just once: the president, the prime minister, etc. Nearby the house of the government, the philharmonic society, the theater, the excellent shop Sputnik, restaurants, i.e. food for the soul and body. Breakfast costs 500 rubles and for this money you can eat well in the morning: porridge, boiled vegetables, mutton broth, scrambled eggs, potato baked, rice, pasta, muesli, sausages, fish, meat, fresh vegetables and fruits, sliced meat, cheese, pickled vegetables, etc. There are 4-5 types of baked goods, mors of sea buckthorn berries and cranberries. The staff is very friendly. Every day, the room is cleaned and there is tea, coffee, water complimentary. There are few conference rooms in the hotel.


Dmitry D

Many thanks to your team for taking care of us! Special thanks to Ayuna for the spiritual care, warm words and good mood, which she gives us! This is very valuable!



Pleased that they could find an individual approach to the client: at breakfast they served pancakes, which were not in the buffet menu. Thank you!



Gentle staff, ready to help the guest in solving a variety of issues. Cleanliness in the rooms. Comfortable furniture. In the hotel the tourist can have a good rest after a busy day. Sleep comfortable! Thank you for hospitality and cordiality!
8 (800) 222-09-40 (бесплатно)
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